The Best Flooring Options for High-Traffic Areas

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Picking out the right floors is a critical decision when you remodel a home. The flooring will stick around for decades, so you want to choose materials that are a good fit for their rooms. Carpet and hardwood have their benefits, but there are better options for high-traffic flooring.

Below is a quick overview of the best flooring that lasts longer.


Laminate is one of the best options for high-traffic flooring. The core of laminate is constructed with dense fiberboard, a material that’s much more cost effective than natural wood. A clear, plastic outer layer coats the fiberboard to protect it from wear and tear.

The best places to install laminate flooring are entryways. Laminate is scratch resistant, making it perfect for high-traffic areas. Unlike wooden planks, this flooring option is resistant to fading and discoloration from the sun. The one caveat about laminate is this material doesn’t handle water very well. Homeowners are better off choosing a different option for rooms with high moisture like the kitchen and bathrooms.


If you want high-traffic flooring, vinyl is the way to go. Similar to laminate floors, vinyl is made from a synthetic material that can mimic the appearance of wood, marble and stone. Vinyl is much cheaper and stands the test of time better than natural wood. The synthetic material is covered in a thick wear layer that maintains a polished finish.

The thickness of this outer layer makes vinyl resistant to stains, fading and scratches. Vinyl with a thicker wear layer lasts longer because it provides more of a barrier between you and the synthetic material. Not only is vinyl great for entryways, but it’s suitable for high-moisture areas as well. Vinyl is water resistant, making it an acceptable choice for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Ceramic tile

Tile is the best flooring that lasts longer than all the others. Ceramic tiles are extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry about scuffing it up with shoes, furniture or dog claws. Unlike vinyl and laminate floors, ceramic tiling is durable all the way through. The natural toughness of this material doesn’t depend on a protective plastic layer that wears down with time.

In addition to being scratch resistant, tile doesn’t absorb stains. The material retains its original color, which makes it look brand-new for many years. Tile won’t fade from direct sun exposure, either. While the ceramic itself doesn’t stain, the grout in between tiles can collect dirt and spills. Clean the grout on a regular basis to keep it pristine.

Tile is the most water-resistant flooring option. Ceramic absorbs virtually no moisture at all, which is why most homeowners choose tile flooring for their bathrooms and laundry rooms. You could also lay ceramic tiles in the foyer because they’re resilient against mud, salt and snow.

The flooring that goes in your home is entirely up to you. There’s no right or wrong answer, although some materials are certainly more durable than others. Take a look at The Floor Source’s full line of ceramic tile flooring and other materials suitable for high-traffic areas. We have the best flooring that lasts longer than what you’ll find elsewhere.

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