Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Flooring

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Floors of all kinds show wear and tear with time. As the years go by, homeowners are left wondering what’s fixable and what’s beyond repair. Damage that goes ignored for too long can develop into serious health concerns like mold, deterioration and allergies.

Below are the most common signs that will let you know when it’s time to replace your flooring. Consult a flooring professional if you notice any of these issues.

Cracks and permanent stains

A scratch here and there is par for the course. Deep cracks in hardwood, vinyl and linoleum are a whole different story. Cracks and heavily-scarred surfaces make the perfect home for pest infestations of all kinds. While some stains come out with soap and water, others penetrate far below the floor’s surface. They’re impossible to remove and could even indicate the presence of mold. Such damage is irreparable and lets you know it is time to replace your flooring.

Damage from water leaks

Water leaks can happen anywhere, and they always end up dripping onto the floor. You can easily mop up a spilled beverage, but persistent leaks from pipes, ceilings and the roof will deteriorate flooring over time. Signs of water damage include bulging, dark spots and hard floors that have become malleable. These all point to rotting and mold, both of which require a complete flooring replacement.

Thin wood from multiple refinishes

The number of refinishes will tell you when to replace your flooring. Hardwood floors that have been sanded and resealed multiple times are better off getting replaced altogether. You can only refinish a wood surface so many times before it becomes thin and susceptible to damage. If you don’t like the look of your hardwood floors, forget about refinishing them again, and start with a clean slate.

Allergies that are getting worse

Over time, carpets accumulate environmental allergens like dust, mold and pollen. This can prove quite troublesome for household members with seasonal allergies. Even hard flooring can harbor allergens in its cracks and crevices. You’ll know when to replace your flooring because seasonal allergies will stick around all year long. Despite your efforts to scrub and vacuum, the only way to get rid of allergen-filled floors is to install new ones.

Ripped and heavily-soiled carpeting

Sometimes the need for new flooring is very obvious. Pets can leave deep tears in carpeting with their claws. Carpet in high-traffic areas can become covered in stains, especially for households with pets and children. Ripped and heavily-soiled carpeting is beyond repair. These don’t cause health concerns like mold or allergies, but they’re definitely an eyesore worth replacing.

Flooring doesn’t last forever. Much like other parts of the home, it’s important to replace old flooring, so your house can maintain a polished appearance and provide a healthy environment for the family. When you know it is time to replace your flooring, check out the endless style options at The Floor Source. Once we install the new floor, you’ll be glad the old one is gone.

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