Which is Better for Your Home: Vinyl Plank or Hardwood Flooring?

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Many homeowners want hardwood floors somewhere in their home. The luxurious and elegant look and feel of hardwood floors make it an alluring and desirable flooring. But with modern flooring technology, you can actually achieve the look and feel of hardwood floors without being forced to have all-natural, fully-wooden planks installed if you don’t want to.

While some people may prefer the real thing when it comes to hardwood floors, examining your options can only help you in making a decision. This article will cover the pros and cons of hardwood vs vinyl plank flooring.


If you’d like to install your floor, you can do it yourself whether it’s vinyl plank or hardwood flooring. Natural hardwood is generally more complicated to install than vinyl plank flooring. This is because it’s more pliable and more susceptible to the elements.

You’ll have to lay hardwood flooring over a level subfloor, and you’ll have to leave room on the outside to account for the expansion and contraction of the hardwood as temperatures and moisture levels fluctuate.

Vinyl plank flooring can be laid over an existing floor using either glue or a peel-and-stick backing to hold it in place. You can put padding underneath vinyl plank flooring if you wish to soften the feel and lessen the echo of sounds in the room.


When examining the pros and cons of hardwood vs vinyl plank flooring, cost is one of the biggest factors. Vinyl plank flooring is significantly cheaper than hardwood flooring, and the difference is even larger if you decide to pay for installation. Since vinyl plank flooring is printed to look like wood, most varieties cost about the same.

With hardwood, different woods are going to cost more; harder woods, for instance, are the most expensive. Vinyl plank flooring runs about $2-$7 per square foot, while most hardwood floors cost $8-$15 per square foot with exotic woods like teak or mahogany costing $25 per square foot or more.


There really is no substitute for a natural hardwood floor. The aesthetics are beautiful, and they showcase the natural features and coloring of the wood that vinyl can only hope to replicate. The colors span from neutral tones to deep browns or even rustic reds depending on the wood that’s used. The natural look of hardwood offers a unique glow that’s truly magnificent.

The advances in vinyl plank flooring make it a legitimate rival to natural hardwood when comparing looks. The top layer of vinyl plank flooring is dyed, colored and textured to mimic the look of real wood. This type of flooring can imitate even the most expensive hardwoods admirably. And because it’s man-made you’ll have a wider range of colors to choose from than natural hardwood.


While hardwood floors have greater longevity, they require more maintenance than vinyl plank flooring. For day-to-day wear, vinyl is more durable than hardwood. Despite this, vinyl can be scratched or cut, and hardwood floors are vulnerable to dirt, dust, high heels and pets.

The chief difference between these two is how they respond to moisture: hardwood floors cannot handle it, and vinyl plank floors aren’t really affected by it.

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