What is the Best Carpet for My Home in 2021?

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Choosing your home’s carpet is one of the most important decisions you can make when designing your home. Your floor is the only surface that you’re constantly in contact with throughout the day; thus, it’s vital that you find a carpet that’s not only functional but feels nice underfoot too.

You might be wondering, “What is the best carpet for my home in 2021?” Having more information can help you make a more knowledgeable selection when it comes to carpet. Here’s what to look for when buying carpet:

Fibers vs styles

When considering what to look for when buying carpet, there are two main decisions you’ll have to make: the type of fibers the carpet is made of and the style in which it’s woven into the fabric. This article will focus on the various types of fibers, but keep in mind that each type of fiber can look and feel different based on the style.


One of the more economical carpeting options, polyester is similar to nylon, albeit a bit less resilient. It excels at repelling moisture and stains, and it doesn’t often show unsightly, visible wear.

It’s softer than you might expect, and due to technological advancements, it boasts better performance than the polyester of days gone by.


Formerly known as olefin, polypropylene is a tough, synthetic material that gets its color from a solution-dying process. It won’t fade, and it is resistant to both water and stains. Its toughness makes it an ideal option for a room that gets a lot of foot traffic and/or sunlight.

Polypropylene’s water resistance makes it a popular choice for indoor-outdoor carpeting as well as for carpeting that’s put near or around swimming pools.


The strongest and most popular fiber for carpets is nylon. It’s great for high-traffic areas, and it guards against mold and mildew. It also offers a soft feel while being simple to clean.

Nylon carpeting is also very versatile, and the vast array of styles available means the customization options for you are nearly endless. If all that’s not enough, it’s relatively inexpensive when compared to more luxurious fibers like wool.


Considered the cream of the crop, wool carpeting isn’t like the others on this list. Wool carpeting is soft, comfortable, durable, natural-looking and resistant to soil.

There’s a trade-off though, as it’s usually double the cost of synthetic carpet fibers, difficult to maintain and likely to fade if it’s exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight over time.

There are blends available that consist of wool and synthetic materials in ratios of 80:20 and 50:50, and these offer some more durability and versatility and can be used for higher-traffic areas.

Call to discuss your carpeting options today

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