How to Choose Your Carpet Color

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Carpeting is a great flooring option for pretty much any family in any home. It’s soft underfoot, affordable and incredibly durable nowadays. Choosing to install carpet isn’t the hardest decision homeowners make, though. Instead, it’s deciding on which carpet colors in Monroe County, PA to choose.

As carpeting experts, we put together this post to help you pick out the right carpet color for your home.

Eliminate colors you hate

The first step in picking out your carpet colors is excluding the colors you don’t like from your list of options. After all, if you don’t like a color, you’re going to hate your new carpet! We recommend walking through a flooring showroom and making a note of each color you despise. Knowing what you don’t want makes choosing your dream carpet much easier.

Factor in your lifestyle

Your lifestyle plays an integral part in your carpeting colors. For example, if you’re a pet lover or have small children, it’s not the best idea to choose a light-colored carpet that makes stains noticeable. Instead, go with something darker that can hide any permanent stains.

You’ll also want to talk to our pros at The Floor Source about stain-resistant carpeting options that make worrying about stains a thing of the past.

Bring home swatches

Because flooring colors in Monroe County, PA look different in the showroom than in your home, it’s always a great idea to borrow a ton of sample colors from your carpet dealer. Compare the carpet swatch to your wall colors and furniture. If the color doesn’t quite look right in the room, then move on to the next sample.

Consider wall color

We mentioned wall color above because it’s integral in choosing your carpeting color. Going with a carpet color that complements the walls will help ensure that the room looks great and you actually enjoy spending time in there.

If you’re having trouble deciding which colors match, bring in a paint sample to show our pros at The Floor Source. We’ll give our expert opinion on the matter to help make your choice a breeze.

Look at current trends

When it comes to home upgrades, it never hurts to stay on top of the latest trends. This is especially true if you’re selling your home anytime soon. One of the hottest trends in 2021 is bold carpeting that makes a statement and contrasts with other colors in the room.

Going bold doesn’t necessarily mean the carpet has to be bright, loud colors. Instead, you can choose a grey carpet with flecks of yellow, red, orange or another bright color. Bold can also mean a plain-color carpet with a fun pattern that catches the eye.

Buy your carpeting from The Floor Source

Don’t shop for your new carpeting anywhere but The Floor Source. We have the area’s largest selection of carpeting made from the top name brands. Plus, our friendly staff members are always happy to help you find the best colors for carpet in Monroe County, PA.

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