Is It Better to Repair or Replace Hardwood Floors?

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There are many forms of damage that a hardwood floor could experience over time, including scratches, scuffs, warping and more. If you’ve noticed some damage to your hardwood floor, you might be wondering if it’s time for a full replacement. This can depend on several factors, including how bad the damage is. It’s usually best to have a professional flooring service come look at the damage before making a final decision.

Don’t get discouraged if unforeseen circumstances have caused damage to the beautiful hardwood floors in your Monroe County, PA home. Most hardwood floors can be repaired or replaced quite easily for a minimal cost. The amount of damage usually dictates whether repairing or replacing the hardwood floor is more cost effective.

Water damage

If you live in an area with frequent flooding, or if moisture has gotten into your home some other way, you might notice your hardwood floor starting to warp. This means the floor might swell or bend in certain spots. If the water damage has only affected one part of your floor, a quick repair may be all that’s needed. A flooring company might also offer to only remove and replace the damaged boards.

There are many situations in which water can damage your entire floor, causing the wood to get soft and mold to grow. In these situations, it’s usually best to replace your hardwood floor in Monroe County, PA. This help will prevent further damage to your home.

Scratches and scuffs

If your floor has only experienced minimal damage, a quick repair will usually be much cheaper than a full-on replacement. Small scratches and scuffs can usually be fixed with some sanding and refinishing. While many people choose to take care of minimal floor damage on their own, it’s usually best to contact a professional. Even small scratches might require the use of expensive equipment and materials that an average homeowner isn’t likely to have on hand.

Fading from the sun

Depending on the type of wood used for your hardwood floors, the sun might cause its color to fade over time. This is especially true if your hardwood floor is located in a room that gets plenty of sunlight. There are easy ways to prevent this from happening, including the installation of curtains. If your floor has already been sun damaged, however, there are several things you could try.

A quick refinish of your floor could take care of the discoloration in some cases, but this doesn’t always work. If only certain parts of your floor have experienced sun damage, you could have those boards replaced.

Getting flooring work done

Whether you want to replace or repair the hardwood floors in your Monroe County, PA home, it’s important to work with a qualified flooring specialist. Reputable flooring companies will have the right experience and knowledge to provide your floor with proper care. You’ll also usually be able to get an estimate before any work is done.

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