What Type of Flooring Should You Pick for Your Laundry Room?

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Upgrading your laundry room flooring in Monroe County, PA can improve its form and function, as long as you pick the right type of flooring. Laundry rooms see a lot of heavy wear and tear, from mud on the floors to bleach, detergent and other messes. Here’s what you need to know about upgrading your laundry room flooring.

The ideal laundry room floor

Here are the elements of the ideal laundry room floor:

  • Looks great: Naturally, you want your floors to look nice—there’s no point in upgrading your flooring if it doesn’t fulfill the intended functions and look better than the original floors.
  • Comfortable: Since most laundry tasks are done standing at the machines, make sure you’re getting comfortable flooring—concrete floors, for example, aren’t going to be easy on your joints.
  • Cost effective: Your flooring choice needs to fit your budget. Luckily, there are wide price ranges available in most floor types.
  • Durable: Pick a flooring material that can handle decades of wear and tear—from muddy footprints to moving appliances, you need something that won’t show scratches or impacts.
  • Can handle moisture: Even with proper venting, your laundry room will probably be quite humid. Look for a flooring type that won’t grow mold or mildew.
  • Stain resistant: Bleach, detergent and other chemicals can cause stains. You need floors that won’t absorb dyes or succumb to bleach stains.
  • Easy to clean: Finally, make sure your floors are easy to clean—this is a good place to avoid carpet.

Flooring types

While there are certainly a lot of boxes your new washroom flooring in Monroe County, PA needs to check, this doesn’t mean your material options are limited. Check out these choices:

  • Vinyl: Sheet vinyl and vinyl tile are inexpensive and can accommodate a range of looks. It’s easy to clean, but you might run into trouble with impacts and scratches—vinyl doesn’t resist these as much as other flooring types.
  • Ceramic tile: Ceramic tile is also incredibly cost effective, and comes in a range of colors and styles. It’s easy to install and clean, but the grout is another issue—you’ll probably have to scrub the grout with an approved abrasive cleaner to remove stains and grime.
  • Stone: Stone tiles are more expensive than vinyl or ceramic, but they also increase your home value, which may offset the higher cost. Generally, you’ll need to have a flooring contractor come install the tiles for you, since they tend to be heavy and difficult to position. However, they’re moisture resistant, beautiful and will last for decades.
  • Laminate: Laminate flooring is a mid-range option that protects against moisture as long as you choose a variety with glued seams. You can get laminate flooring that resembles hardwood for a fraction of the price—and the upkeep is significantly easier, too.

There are also three types of flooring that you should avoid in your laundry room. Carpet, bamboo and hardwood are all bad choices. Carpet retains moisture and will smell musty after a while, while hardwood and bamboo will rot, warp or scratch.

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