Pros and Cons of Heated Floors

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When you have tile, concrete, hardwood or linoleum floors, getting out of bed or going to the bathroom in the morning can be a chilly experience. Radiant floor heating in Monroe County, PA is a simple luxury that can make your everyday life a lot easier and more pleasant. Could this be your next home upgrade? Here are the pros and cons of heated floors, so you can decide whether it’s the right choice for your household:

  • Energy efficient: Radiators have to heat up to somewhere between 149 and 167 degrees Fahrenheit to heat a room. In contrast, floor heating only needs to get to 84 degrees to warm up the entire room, which means it’s significantly more energy efficient than using traditional radiators. Even better, there aren’t any cold spots when you have heated floors—the floor heater warms up the air near the floor, and since warm air rises, your whole room can be warmed quickly and without stuffiness.
  • Works with any type of flooring: Whether you have carpet, tile, hardwood or another type of flooring, radiant floor heating will work with any kind of covering. You’ll especially love how it makes bathroom tile tolerable, even with bare feet in the dead of winter.
  • Easy to run: Your floor heating needs practically no maintenance, unlike traditional radiators or HVAC systems. You can get a smart or programmable thermostat, which will choose the best energy settings depending on the ambient temperature, weather and time of day. They also help cut down on the amount of energy you use.
  • Safer than radiators: If you have children or pets, radiators can be unsafe. The hot edges are all too easy for an excited child or pet to run into, leaving them with burns or other injuries. Since your heated floors are self-contained, you won’t have to worry about heating-related injuries.
  • Opens up more design space: Getting rid of your traditional radiators in favor of heated floors also opens up a lot more design space. You won’t need to worry about working around ugly appliances, since radiant floor heating is completely hidden.
  • Easy to install: Finally, heated floors are easy to install, especially if you’re already replacing your floors or renovating your home.
  • Can take several days to complete: Depending on whether you use electric or water-based radiant heat, your installation could take several days to complete. However, it’s all usually finished within a week.
  • Costs more than traditional radiators: The type of system you install will determine the cost, but you can expect to pay between $10 to $20 per square foot, plus the cost of an electrician. This is often more expensive than installing traditional heating.
  • Increases floor height: Finally, radiant floor heating can increase your floor height by up to a half inch—if that makes a difference to you, you may wish to avoid it.

For more information about radiant heated flooring in Monroe County, PA to determine whether this option might be right for you, call The Floor Source today.

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