2020’s Most Popular Interior Design Trends

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The overarching home design trend for 2020 has been farmhouse chic with a modern twist. Homeowners in Monroe County, PA crave those rustic ceiling beams but still want the sleekness of white quartz countertops. Trends come and go, but what’s important is that you choose an interior design you’ll continuously fall in love with for years to come. Below are some of the top picks from this year to help you score that old-fashioned yet sophisticated look.

Pendant light fixtures

As the name suggests, pendant fixtures hang from the ceiling with a chain and hold their light bulbs in glass casing similar to a lantern. This style introduces a bit of warmth to rooms that are dominated by white cabinets, flooring and countertops. Homeowners can give pendant light fixtures a modern look by playing with different hardware colors like black and silver. Pendant light fixtures are available in countless designs, which allows you to pick out the ones that are perfect for your home.

Smart home technology

It comes as no surprise that homes in 2020 are integrated with technology. Interior design isn’t just about having a pretty room—it’s the combination of function and beauty. That’s why voice assistants like Alexa have become valued members of many households, alongside refrigerators with touchscreens and front doors that unlock with mobile apps. Homeowners who like to keep up with the latest advancements should consider this home design trend because it continues to evolve and is here to stay.

Decorative ceiling beams

While smart home technology is all about function, ceiling beams nowadays are purely decorative. Increasing numbers of Monroe County, PA homeowners have reinvented their homes with those ever-popular farmhouse vibes. Wooden ceiling beams offer a rustic feel that’s reminiscent of barns and country-style homes. Even though modern homes conceal their beams with drywall, exposed wooden beams add some warmth to prevent modern designs from appearing too sterile.

Ashy hardwood floors

If you want to incorporate 2020 home design trends, don’t go overboard on the farmhouse style. The wooden ceiling beams and pendant light fixtures are best used in moderation. These days, the main focus is on modern installations like ashy hardwood floors. Cool tones are what create a modern look, so steer clear of woods with a warmer color like oak or cherry. Homeowners who aren’t sure how to pick out flooring with a cool tone should consult a local interior design specialist in Monroe County, PA.

Calacatta quartz countertops

Calacatta quartz looks very similar to white marble countertops. Since 2020 is all about the cool tones, ditch traditional granite and go for a Calacatta quartz countertop. It pairs nicely with a set of white cabinets to create a light and airy living space. Monochromatic white designs make your home feel bigger, especially if you have an open concept floor plan.

If you’re all about these home design trends of 2020, there’s no better place to find your house’s new look than at The Floor Source. We offer a wide range of hardwood flooring to suit every taste and tie that modern style all together. Stop by our location in Monroe County, PA and share your interior design vision with us!

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