Best Practices for Removing Scratches from Hardwood Floors

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If installing hardwood flooring has a downside, it’s that these floors can become scratched. Scratches are common with hardwood floors, especially in households with young kids or pets running around. The good news is that you can fix scratches on your hardwood floors in Monroe County, PA with a little bit of time and effort. Continue reading to learn how to keep your floors in like-new condition.

Be gentle while cleaning

Keeping your floors clean plays a significant role in preventing scratches. However, you’ve got to be careful while cleaning them! Cleaning with brooms and abrasive scrub pads can cause new scratches while making existing ones worse. Additionally, avoid using any harsh cleaners that could permanently damage the wood. Always use a soft mop and a cleaner specifically designed for hardwood to clean your floors.

Buff with sandpaper

Minor damage can be buffed out with a piece of fine-grained sandpaper and a little elbow grease. Sand the floor in the direction of the grain and then reapply your hardwood floor stain on the area. Since finding the correct stain color isn’t always easy, do a test patch in a hidden area before fixing the scratch.

Use walnuts

Believe it or not, the natural emollients and brown dye in walnuts can be used to mask deeper scratches in your floors. Rub the scratch with a walnut using small circular motions, and then let the oil work its magic for a few minutes. After the oil soaks into the scratch, buff it with a soft cloth.

Apply baking soda and oil

You can find another remedy for scratched hardwood floors in Monroe County, PA by opening your pantry. A combination of baking soda and olive oil applied to marred areas can reduce the appearance of scratches. After applying baking soda moistened with olive oil to the scratched area, wait five minutes and buff it gently with a soft sponge. Be sure to clean the area thoroughly with a damp cloth once you’re done.

Shine and revive

All-natural products can do wonders for your wood, but you may want to consider buying a specialized care product. Floor reviving solutions can restore your hardwood to a like-new condition without sanding or buffing. All you need to do is clean your floors, apply the product and then let it dry.

Start anew

If your floors are in rough shape or covered by layers of polyurethane or wax, consider stripping them down to their natural state. You can purchase liquid stripping agents at your local hardware store and tackle this project on your own. Once your floors are down to their unfinished beauty, buy and apply a high-quality stain.

Do you need new flooring?

Trying to fix hardwood floors in Monroe County, PA isn’t worth it if the floors are in really bad shape. Instead, consider investing in new hardwood floors from The Floor Source. We sell the top name brands at some of the best prices in the area. Come check out our selection today!

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