Pros and Cons of Installing Nylon Carpet

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Just like any home décor decision, your choice of flooring isn’t one to make lightly. When you have new flooring installed, it’s an opportunity to find the perfect material for your tastes, your lifestyle and your future. Keep in mind that you’ll be walking over those floors for many years into the future. That means they’ll need to hold up to repeated use even as they complement and enhance your décor. With all that in mind, when the time comes to replace your flooring, stop and consider the benefits and drawbacks of nylon carpet in Monroe County, PA.

What is nylon carpet?

Nylon was originally invented in 1935 by DuPont as a synthetic replacement for silk. Over the course of its lifetime, nylon carpet has risen to the heights of popularity. Today, nylon carpeting is the most popular flooring material in the United States. Some estimates indicate that as many as 65 percent of homes have some form of nylon carpet in one or two of the rooms.

There are plenty of reasons that homeowners opt for nylon carpets time and again. That said, they may not be for everyone.


One of the reasons people value the best nylon carpet in Monroe County, PA so highly is its durability. If you vacuum a nylon carpet regularly, you should have no problem extending its lifespan for up to a decade. That means 10 years of resistance to smashing and fraying!

Resist stains

Let’s face it—as much as you might try to prevent spills and stains, they’re inevitable, especially if you have children or pets. Many nylon carpet manufacturers plan for life’s little messes by treating nylon with an extra stain fighter at the factory. That helps nylon stay resistant to even the most damaging materials, like wine or mud.


One of the most appealing aspects of nylon carpeting is the sheer variety of options. Nylon carpet comes in nearly every color under the sun. What’s more, you can find nylon that’s woven into different textures and lengths. In other words, there’s a color and type of nylon carpet that is bound to suit even the most discerning of tastes.

Low maintenance

Compared to other kinds of flooring, nylon carpet is relatively easy to take care of. If you steam clean your carpet once a year and vacuum every week to 10 days, it should retain most of its body and color for the entirety of its life.

Your flooring specialists

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