How to Clean Different Types of Tile Floors

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Did you just install a tile floor, or move into a home with one? Congratulations! Many people enjoy the versatility and beauty a well-maintained tile floor can offer. But if you’re not familiar with the best ways to clean tile floors, you might be wondering how to keep them looking their best without damaging the flooring itself.

While day-to-day maintenance is simple—sweeping up dirt, hair and debris and using a damp cloth to wipe up spills—over time you may notice a cloudy film or dirty grout. That’s a sign that it’s time to engage in a much deeper clean. The best cleaning method will depend on what kind of tile floors you have. Read on for our best tile cleaning tips in Monroe County, PA.

Ceramic and porcelain tile

Porcelain and ceramic tile can be cleaned with a chamois mop, clean water and a mild detergent. While washing the tile, be sure to change the water frequently, as you don’t want to spread more dirt over the area you’re trying to clean.

When you’re finished, dry the tile with a soft, dry cloth—otherwise you risk harmless but unsightly water stains. If there’s still a soapy residue, take it off with a mild all-purpose cleaner or lemon juice.

Stone tile

Stone tile requires special care, because many traditional types of cleaners can damage the stone’s surface. You may wish to purchase cleaners especially designed for cleaning stone tile, in order to preserve its beauty.

The number one rule for cleaning stone tile is to avoid acids like the plague. Unlike ceramic and porcelain tile, lemon juice, vinegar and acidic cleaners should never touch your floors. Marble is especially susceptible to scratching and pitting, so make sure to wipe up spills immediately, and never use any sort of brush with stiff bristles.

After cleaning your stone tile, be sure to dry it right away to avoid water spots and keep it looking shiny.

Other types of tile

Vinyl, linoleum, rubber and cork are all versatile and durable tile flooring solutions, and they’re far easier to take care of than stone tile. You should still consider buying specially-designed cleaners for your specific kind of tile, however, and vinyl and unfinished cork tiles will also require a coat of wax.

Avoid abrasive cleaners on these types of tiles as well. While durable, these kinds of flooring are still susceptible to being scratched, which will decrease their beauty.

Finally, if you’re cleaning grout, make a paste of baking soda and water, let it sit overnight and scrub it away with a nylon brush.

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