What Type of Floor Is Best for Pets?

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One of the most common home improvement projects is installing new flooring. New floors can increase comfort and property value, as well as boost the aesthetics of your home’s interior. Choosing the right flooring material is an essential step, but this is particularly the case if you have pets. Having pets should influence your decision because now you need to focus on picking a floor that can withstand wear and tear and constant dirtiness over the long-term. Luckily for pet owners, there are several excellent good-looking options available.

The considerations to keep in mind when shopping for pet-friendly flooring are similar to those when looking for flooring in general, but there are a few other specifics you should pay attention to. Be on the lookout for flooring options that are resistant to scratching and damage caused by pet nails. And speaking of nails, be sure to choose an option that offers adequate traction and everyday comfort.

Here’s more of what you need to know about the best types of floor for pets in Monroe County, PA.


Bamboo is one of the most popular wood flooring options for homeowners with pets—especially cats and dogs. This material has a natural hardness that makes it more scratch- and stain-resistant than traditional hardwood floors. It’s also naturally anti-microbial, which means it won’t grow mold or hold onto allergens. You will enjoy the unique beauty of bamboo, and pets will benefit from its easily walkable surface.


If you like the idea of bamboo floors and all its advantages, but not so much how they look, then cork flooring might be for you. Like bamboo, cork is a naturally anti-microbial and eco-friendly material capable of reducing the growth of bacteria, mold and allergens. Both people and pets in the home can benefit from this. Cork is also sound-absorbing, warm and comfortable and supportive when walked on. The floor experts recommend maintaining short pet nails to avoid scratching and using area rugs to protect cork against sun exposure.


Vinyl is like the chameleon of the flooring world. It can mimic the look of hardwood or natural stone at a lower price. Choose from a range of colors and patterns as well. More reasons homeowners with pets select vinyl include its durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance and its ability to resist water, moisture and scratch marks. It also provides traction and soft landing for paws.


Stone tile is another fantastic option for people with pets. Not only is this type of flooring scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, it’s also extremely durable. Properly installed stone tile makes for easy cleanup of food and liquid and other spills. While stone looks nice, it can be loud, cold and less than comfortable underfoot. But don’t let this stop you from choosing stone tile—simply use area rugs throughout your living space to absorb sound and increase comfort for your pets.

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