The Best Deck and Patio Flooring Options

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Durability, attractiveness and cost are just a few things to consider for your outdoor flooring. Truth be told, in comparison to indoor flooring, your outdoor flooring options are limited, yet you still have several available to choose from. If outdoor living spaces are a part of your home, check that they are fitted with the right type of flooring to withstand wear and tear from the elements and heavy foot traffic. Having older material doesn’t mean you should rip out an existing outdoor floor. Unless the deck or patio is a safety hazard, you can probably just start your research soon so you’ll be ready for it when the time comes.

When it comes to installing deck and patio flooring in Monroe County, PA, you want to make sure you consider all your options. Below is a guide with some suggestions and a look at the durability of each type of outdoor flooring.

Outdoor carpeting

Yes, you can use carpet in outdoor spaces, as long as the material you choose is made for being used outside. Patio and deck carpeting are water-resistant and more durable than indoor carpets. Today, manufacturers of outdoor carpeting produce a diverse range of attractive options in a selection of colors, styles and weaves. What makes outdoor carpeting so durable is its synthetic fibers, which are mold-resistant, waterproof and strong.

Cedar flooring

The majority of residential decks are built of either real hardwood lumber or composite beams and boards. It’s not uncommon to find decks with cedar flooring—a type of material also ideal for patios and other outdoor living areas. As with other kinds of wood used for decks and patios, cedar wears well, but it needs more care and maintenance than indoor wood floors. Cleaning, staining and resealing is necessary to keep mold from growing on the wood.

Natural stone flooring

Granite and a handful of other types of stone can hold up quite well in the elements. In order for natural stone to last a long time as outdoor flooring, it must be installed properly, and the right type of grout must be applied. As far as durability goes, stone is the best material for the job of outdoor walking surfaces. Don’t let the higher cost of materials and labor scare you away. Stone floors will last you many years without damage.

Ceramic tile flooring

Ceramic tile is an excellent and popular choice for use on indoor walls and floors. They look good almost anywhere, including as backsplashes, showers and various floor spaces. This is because ceramic tile is water-resistant, and this is also why it can be used safely outdoors. The key is to find a tile that’s designed specifically for outdoor use. These will have a bit of grit and texture on their surfaces to reduce slipping. Most are frost resistant and unglazed for durability and safety. Lastly, patio tile is easy to clean and stands up well to normal wear.

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