2020 Tile Trends for Bathrooms of All Sizes!

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Maybe your bathroom could use a change, but renovating the entire room from top to bottom is not on your mind. You have one very specific change in your sights: installing tile. Whether you want tile on the walls, floor or both, this versatile material will undoubtedly boost the aesthetics of your bathroom. Right away you will notice there are tile shapes, sizes and colors for every lifestyle and budget. Another benefit of tile is the wide range of placement options. For example, you can install tile for use as a vanity backsplash or inside an entire shower space.

Get ready to ooh and aah! Here are the top 2020 tile trends in Monroe County, PA to consider for your big bathroom update.

Subway tiles

Of all the tile trends, subway tile has long been—and continues to be—the most classic choice for bathrooms and kitchens in homes across the United States. You can’t go wrong with white subway tile. It looks great behind vanities, mirrors, lighting fixtures and other bathroom features. Choose from a range of colors—not just shades of white. Subway tiles are also available in a range of sizes and materials, including porcelain and glass. If you are looking for tile to keep bathroom features clean-lined, this one may be for you.

Bohemian-style tiles

Our list of 2020 tile trends in Monroe County, PA is not complete without the bohemian style. This style is a unique mix of cultural influences combined with a free-spirit vibe. As a tile trend, the bohemian style is expressed in a number of exotic patterns and inspired by handmade finishes—think stars and a mix of colorful small shapes brought together to create wide-spread tile designs. Placing mismatched bohemian tile patterns next to each other is encouraged, but the pros also suggest choosing a limited color palette so the design isn’t too crazy on the eyes.

Faux-timber tiles

Hardwood floors and wet rooms are not a good combination. Water, moisture and humidity will warp wood, but not tile with the appearance of real wood. Faux-timber tile—made to resemble woods like walnut and oak—allows you to include a splash of nature in your updated bathroom design without leaving you worried about its safety. These types of tile can look rustic, beachy, clean or industrial on your bathroom floors or walls, depending on the look and feel you desire. It offers the visual appeal of real wood planks, but with the strength and easy maintenance of ceramic or porcelain.

Sculptural tiles

There’s no rule saying your bathroom tile must have a smooth surface. If you’re interested in adding more dimension to your bathrooms, then you may just fall in love with sculptural tiles. Sculptural tiles possess both a pleasing visual quality as well as a fascinating tactile quality. They have raised profiles with designs sporting pinstripes that pop vertically and horizontally, and can be arranged in a zigzag pattern or unevenly spaced apart across bathroom walls and backsplashes.

If you have your sights set on any of these 2020 tile trends in Monroe County, PA, then come to The Floor Source. Call or visit us today to learn more about your options!

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