Tips for Laminate Floor Care in Monroe County, PA

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Like other hard flooring surfaces, laminate floors get gritty, streaked and sticky over time and (sometimes) after wet cleaning. Don’t pull up that dirty-looking floor just yet! You have to at least attempt some tried and true cleaning tricks first. If you take proper care of your home’s flooring, it can be one of your longest-lasting interior features. Here are some tips for laminate floor care in Monroe County, PA.

Pass on sweeping

Many of us can remember using a corn or nylon broom and dust pan to rid the kitchen floor of dry debris. However, as counterintuitive as it may seem, broom sweeping laminate flooring is not the best thing to do. No matter where your laminate floors are located—whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, entryway or laundry room—you should use a vacuum cleaner or dust mop to remove surface dirt and debris. Traditional brooms almost always leave behind particles, which means the floor will still be dirty and have to be vacuumed anyway.

Why not use a wet mop? Gritty debris that gets picked up by wet mops is then spread around the surface of the floor, leaving streaks, scratches and residue in its wake. Another approach is to use a vacuum cleaner with a setting for hard floors, not one that’s fitted with rolling brushes only.

Avoid laminate floor cleaners

Sure, there are a number of commercially made laminate floor cleaners on store shelves, but an expensive cleaner is not necessarily the answer to your dirt problems. While you can choose to use an affordable cleaner, the more ideal option is to make your own cleaning solution using vinegar. Either way, don’t overdo it. Too much cleaner on laminate may leave behind a floor-dulling residue which eventually leads to a muted appearance.

Dry cleaning is best

Water, cleaners and other liquids can seep between laminate boards and cause swelling. Since wet mopping using a ton of cleaner can cause streaking or damage, give dry cleaning a go. Dry cleaning isn’t a totally dry process, though—it involves spraying minimal amounts of water onto small sections of flooring at a time and wringing out the mop frequently throughout the cleaning process. You’re doing it right if the floor dries within one to two minutes of mopping.

Take measures to protect the floor

Now that your laminate floors are clean and looking nice, take the time to protect it to keep it that way. It’s easy—use floor mats on the inside and outside entrances to your house, enforce a no-shoe rule in the house and wipe up spills and other messes as soon as possible. Also, put protective pads on the bottoms of tables, chairs and sofa legs in all areas where these pieces of furniture come into contact with your laminate floors.

Laminate floor care in Monroe County, PA is a must if you want your floors to look their best and last a long time. Call the associates at The Floor Source today to discuss the reasons to choose laminate flooring!

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