What to Do with Your Furniture When Preparing for Floor Installation in Monroe County, PA

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Investing in new flooring can transform the appearance of your space, but there are several things that you have to do before you can get started on a flooring installation project. One of the logistical problems that a lot of people encounter when they want to install new flooring is what to do with their furniture. If you are planning for new floor installation in Monroe County, PA, it’s important to consider the best way to deal with your furniture during your project.

Moving your furniture

You need to move your furniture before you can install your flooring, but what you do with your furniture will depend on several factors. By considering a few of the specifics of your flooring project and the furniture in your space, you can determine the best course of action to accommodate your flooring installation:

  • Installation timeframe: Your arrangements for your furniture will likely be different depending on when your flooring project takes place and how long it’s going to take to complete. If the flooring project will only take one day and the weather is favorable, you may be able to store your furniture in your yard temporarily for a few hours. For a more extensive, longer-term project, you will need to make more permanent arrangements for your furniture storage.
  • Scale of your project: If you’re only replacing the flooring in one or two rooms in your home, you can potentially shift all of your furniture to another space while you’re having your new flooring installed. However, if you are getting new flooring throughout your home, this won’t be a viable option.
  • Space in your home: People with larger homes typically have enough space to shift their furniture around during flooring installation. Spare bedrooms, home offices and garages can all be great places to store your furniture during your flooring project.
  • Budget: If you have the budget to temporarily move your furniture to a storage unit, it’s a worthwhile option to consider. You can hire a crew to transport your furniture to and from the storage unit for your flooring installation project.
  • Flooring installer services: Depending on the company you use for floor installation in Monroe County, PA, furniture moving might be included as part of the overall cost of the project. Make sure to talk to your floor installation contractor in advance to make the proper arrangements. Even if they don’t offer furniture moving, they can likely offer some suggestions about what to do with your furniture.

Schedule floor installation in Monroe County, PA

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