Six Helpful Tips for Pet Owners with Hardwood Flooring in Monroe County, PA

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If you have a dog, and you also have hardwood floors, then you know the woes of finding scratches, fur and drool spots on your flooring. You love your dog, but you also love your beautiful wood floors, which is why you assume you’ll just have to accept the status quo. You should know that you are not alone, but also that there are some things you can do to preserve your floors. Here are some helpful tips for pet owners who also love their hardwood flooring in Monroe County, PA:

  • Keep it clean: If you have dogs who spend time in your home, your beautiful hardwood floors will get dirty. Winter, spring, summer or fall, rain or shine, your buddy will track dirt and other debris inside, directly onto your bare floors. The most annoying thing is that excess debris like dry dirt, sand and gravel bits can act as sandpaper—these particles can scratch your floors if not cleaned up quickly. Another issue is dog fur—dogs shed, and that stuff gets everywhere, so plan on sweeping regularly and wet cleaning periodically to help maintain the wood.
  • Wipe off paws and fur: Before letting your dogs inside after time in the back yard or out on a walk, stay outside and wipe them down with a clean, dry towel to remove dirt, pollen and debris from their fur. Also, use a separate towel to wipe dirty paws. If it’s been raining, use moist pet wipes or baby wipes to clean away mud, then follow up with a dry towel. Pet-safe moist wipes can be used all over your dog’s body as long as you avoid using them near their eyes.
  • Deal with scratches: The unfortunate truth is that some dog owners won’t even entertain the idea of wood floors for this very reason. Scratches are a bummer, yes, but minor damage will happen regardless of whether or not you have dogs. Don’t install softwoods like pine or fir; do look at hardwood species like oak, maple and mahogany, because the harder the wood, the more scratch resistant it will be.
  • Clip pets’ nails: You may already have wood flooring or are considering installing a new wood floor. Regardless, if you have dogs, then your best defense against scratched and dented wood is to keep dog nails trimmed back as far as safely possible. Using a dog nail file to round off sharp trimmed edges adds extra assurance.
  • Check collars and harnesses: Your dog’s sharp nails aren’t the only things that can scratch hardwood flooring. Since dogs enjoy playing, they are likely to roll their bodies all around the floor. That leaves potential for collars and harnesses to scrape the wood. Remove collars whenever your dogs are inside to minimize the risk of scratches.
  • Use area rugs: Dogs tend to spring up and take off running at the first sign of excitement. Consider providing rugs in places where your pets prefer to lie down or play, just as you use them in places with high human foot traffic.

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