How Area Rugs in Monroe County, PA Can Improve Any Room

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Generally, people use area rugs to decorate their living spaces. Some rugs hang on walls or from ceilings for show only, while others are placed on the floor over carpeting or bare flooring. Regardless, whether you own your home or rent, when looking at area rugs, you should keep in mind that they can serve many different purposes, and sometimes multiple purposes at the same time.

You might already use area rugs in your house, or maybe you’ve never owned a rug in your life. Either way, it may surprise you to learn that there’s much more to rugs than room aesthetics. Here’s a closer look at how you can benefit from using area rugs in Monroe County, PA.

Save money on heating bills

Laying area rugs down on hard flooring or carpeting can help cut down on heating costs in the winter. This is because rugs act as a barrier between the cooler air coming up in the cracks of the floor and the living space above. A quality area rug can warm up a room more quickly, and the bigger the rug, the more it can block cool air from making a floor cold. Your bare feet will no longer be chilly when you walk from room to room. Better yet, you won’t feel like you have to raise the temperature on the thermostat, nor itch to run the heater as often!

Reduce noise

A bare floor, be it hardwood, tile, stone or thin carpeting, is typically loud when walked on. While this can be annoying for people living in the same multi-story home, the same situation is many times worse for apartment dwellers. Many a downstairs neighbor in the history of apartment buildings has complained of their heavy-footed upstairs neighbors. Fortunately, thick wool area rugs have the power to dampen sounds and reduce echoes, especially in high traffic areas and home offices.

Add comfort

If you have children or pets, chances are they enjoy playing on the floor. All that crawling around on bare flooring can do a number on little knees and paws, making play time a sometimes-uncomfortable experience. Get a large enough area rug to accommodate your kids, your pets and yourself, and there will be room to roll around comfortably without the fear of bumps or bruises. Plus, a rug will help to protect your hard floors from scratches.

Help with fatigue from standing

Standing on bare floors is not ideal. In a short amount of time, your back will start hurting and your feet will ache. If you use a standing desk for work, you know what we’re talking about. But stand on a plushy rug and you’ll notice fewer aches and pains, as well as improved posture. Standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes can also take a toll on your body—put a small rug down and see what happens.

Choosing the right rug for the rooms in your house is easy when you have help. Visit The Floor Source to talk to a flooring specialist and check out our selection of area rugs in Monroe County, PA!

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