How Cold Weather Affects Wood Flooring in Monroe County, PA

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The cold winter months can take a toll on your home. The fluctuating temperatures, harsh winter winds and snowfall can leave many people concerned about the seasonal effects on their dwelling. Your flooring, for example, sees a tremendous impact. Despite their low maintenance requirements and strong aesthetic qualities, hardwood and laminate flooring are incredibly susceptible to changes in the weather. Wood flooring already has moisture because it’s a natural substance. It naturally adapts to changes in the temperature and humidity levels, which is why the winter season can be so damaging. The effects of the cold can be incredibly costly to fix. Here’s how the cold weather affects your wood flooring in Monroe County, PA and how you can curtail the effects of the season.

What cold weather does to hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring goes into distress once the temperature drops. Cracks can develop in the hardwood floor once the temperatures begin to fall, and their appearance will worsen as the air dries out. The lack of moisture in the air and the cold temperatures can cause hardwood flooring to shrink as all the moisture is sucked out. This eliminates any pre-existing warping and curling around the edge of the boards temporarily. However, the floor will expand back to its normal size as soon as the humid weather returns, causing the wood to warp and lift. The continuous shrinking and expanding with each passing season can cause the floor to experience wear and tear at an accelerated rate.

How to protect wood floors from cold-weather damage

Luckily, following a few simple steps can help your wood flooring survive the winter:

  • Use a humidifier: Bringing humidity back into the space will combat the effects of the dry air. Aim to keep the humidity level at a minimum of 35 percent to help the wood maintain its composure.
  • Wear clean shoes: All the snow, dirt and salt inevitably get packed onto shoes during the winter season. Oftentimes, it can be tracked into the home even if you attempt to wipe your feet down on a doormat before entering. All the particles and debris can scratch and damage the hardwood flooring. The standing water melting off the shoes can affect the finish and seep into the cracks, causing mold and bacteria growth. Try to keep snow boots outside or contained in a garage or mudroom during the winter.
  • Keep it clean: Regular cleaning is one of the best ways to protect flooring. The wood likely needs some extra care during the winter months. Try to keep the floor clean without using any water and water-based products. Introducing more moisture to the floors could damage the wood or finish.
  • Keep drafts out: Seal up any cracks around windows and doors to stop the cold drafts from finding their way in.

Keep wood floors looking great all year long

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