How to Keep Your Hardwood Flooring in Monroe County, PA Clean This Winter

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When properly cared for and maintained, wood flooring will stay beautiful and hold its luster for years. Unfortunately, wood floors are just that—floors. They will get walked on, spilled on and take a beating every day. Another thing that is likely to befall your wood floors is the effects of the harsh winter weather—specifically snow, ice, salt, water and mud tracked inside on soiled footwear, pet paws and clothing. Battling the elements is hard enough without also having to worry about winter ruining your wood flooring!

Are your floors prepared for seasonal changes? Here’s how to keep your hardwood flooring in Monroe County, PA clean during the winter months:

  • Use quality floor mats: It’s a good idea to place mats at all exterior doors all year round, but make sure you’re using the right ones come winter. Winter brings ice and snow, so there’s no doubt your mats will encounter a good amount of moisture. Invest in quality floor mats for floor spaces in front of all doors leading outside. Mats should have solid, non-slip backings that won’t discolor the wood, and you should consider mats made with absorbent fibers so moisture cannot pass through. Clean mats regularly by shaking, washing and drying. Remove soaked mats from hardwood flooring to avoid staining or warping.
  • Don’t let moisture sit: No matter the size of a spill or puddle, wipe it up right away. Especially during the winter months, train yourself and your family to clean up wet messes immediately. This will go a long way in your efforts to preserve your wood floors. For quick wipe ups, keep some absorbent mops and cloths near entryways, but remember to wash mops and cloths frequently. Another way to keep moisture off your floors is to ask your family and guests to remove their wet footwear when they enter the house.
  • Use furniture pads: Furniture is responsible for a lot of the scratches and damage you see on wood flooring. Since this is a real problem, apply furniture pads to the bottoms of heavy and light pieces of furniture to protect your floors. Most furniture pads are affordable and can be cut and customized to fit individual pieces. Check and replace pads based on wear, but also replace them if they get exposed to moisture.
  • Keep salt off the porch: Salt is used in winter to make icy pavement surfaces less slippery. However, salt is harsh on a lot of different materials, including wood floors. Shoes and boots easily pick up tiny salt particles and carry them onto entryways, door mats and floor planks. If salt gets on your wood floors, it will break down the flooring’s finish. One of the best ways to reduce the amount of salt that gets onto your floors is to avoid using salt on the front porch.

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