How to Lay an Area Rug Over Carpet

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Tastes and styles change, and sometimes that carpeting that you fell in love with a few years ago ends up looking like it could use some sprucing up. If you don’t want to go through the hassle and expense of replacing your entire carpet, however, you may be wondering what steps you can take to improve the look of your room and make it your own. While it may seem unconventional, placing an area rug over your carpeting can help you reclaim your sense of style and make the most of your existing flooring in Monroe County, PA.

There are a number of reasons why you may choose to use an area rug over carpeting rather than just replacing the flooring in your home. For instance, if you’re renting your home and don’t have the landlord’s permission to replace the carpeting, you may want to try installing an area rug instead. Even if you do own your home, replacing carpeting can be expensive; using a floor rug may be a great temporary solution that helps you save time.

If you’re thinking about using a floor rug to cover up your carpeted flooring in Monroe County, PA, here are just a few things to consider:

  • Color: The color of your area rug doesn’t have to perfectly match your existing carpeting—in fact, it shouldn’t! The color should, however, be complementary. It’s important to select a color that melds with your home’s existing décor scheme. Selecting a color that clashes with your existing carpeting can detract from your interior design.
  • Texture: The texture of the floor rug that you use to cover up your existing flooring in Monroe County, PA will ultimately determine whether your efforts are successful. You should use a shaggy rug to cover up low-pile carpeting; the reverse is also true. Varying the texture of the rug against the carpeting will help make your room pop.
  • Pattern: Pick a pattern that complements or otherwise accentuates your home’s existing décor scheme. It’s important to identify a pattern that doesn’t clash or perfectly match with any other patterns in your room. For instance, you shouldn’t have two different chevron patterned items in different sections of the same room.
  • Size and shape: The size and shape of the area rug you use to cover up your carpeting will ultimately determine how large or small the room feels. It’s important to select a rug that will open up your space and maximize the amount of room in your home. Smaller, rounded rugs may accomplish this in rooms with lots of furniture, whereas larger square rugs are better suited for big rooms.

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