How to Clean Area Rugs in Monroe County, PA

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Many people like to use area rugs to add a little flair to their interior decoration, especially if their home is mostly outfitted with hardwood floors. For your rugs to last you for years to come, you’ll need to put some effort into maintaining them, which means making it a point to clean them regularly.

But how exactly do you effectively clean area rugs in Monroe County, PA? Here are some steps that you should follow, which will help you to keep your rugs looking great:

  • Vacuum: Vacuuming will help you remove any loose dirt and get the rug prepared for the more thorough cleaning you are about to perform. Always keep in mind that vacuuming alone does not count as cleaning a rug or carpet!
  • Wash: Using a brush or a sponge, work up a lather of detergent or shampoo that is safe for carpet and apply it deep into the rug. You should let that solution sit and work for at least several minutes before proceeding to the next step.
  • Rinse: Thoroughly rinse out the rug with a hose, and make sure you have completely removed all soap suds before you finish the rinsing process. It’s usually easiest to do this outside with a garden hose.
  • Remove the excess water: Squeeze as much water out of the rug as you can. We highly recommend using a squeegee for this process, as it will make it significantly easier. Be careful to work only in the direction the rug’s nap moves; otherwise, you could end up damaging the carpet or, at the very least, dulling its appearance.
  • Let it dry: Lay the rug out flat to dry. When the top is dry, flip it over to let the bottom dry as well. You can hasten the pace of the drying process by running fans and dehumidifiers in the area where you let your rug dry; alternatively, you can let it air dry outside as well.
  • Loosen the fibers: Using a soft-bristled brush or a vacuum, run over the rug to loosen up its fibers. There’s always a chance they’ve compacted themselves during the washing or drying process.
  • You’re done: After this process is complete, perform a visual inspection of the rug to make sure there aren’t any imperfections in the nap or pile and that you got all the dirt and moisture out. You can then return it to your room and enjoy until your next cleaning session!

Keep in mind that you should only wash your area rugs when they’re actually dirty. If you need to test whether or not your rug needs to be cleaned, simply pick up a corner of the rug and plop it back down onto the floor. If doing this results in a small cloud of dust, you should clean it. Otherwise, unless the rug is visually dirty or has an unusual smell, cleaning is unnecessary.

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