Tips for Easier Carpet Installation in Monroe County, PA

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If you’ve never installed carpeting in your home before, you might think it’s as easy as just rolling out the carpet and tacking it down. However, sometimes it’s not that simple, and you’ll need the assistance of professional carpet installers to get the job done correctly.

If, however, you do decide to do your own carpet installation in Monroe County, PA, here are some tips that will make the project go much smoother:

  • Rent some carpet installation tools: Regular tools you have around in your shop will help you, but they won’t be enough. You’ll likely already have tools like tape, hammers, utility knives and staplers. However, you’ll also need a power stretcher, seam iron and knee kicker. You probably don’t have these tools lying around your house, and purchasing them just for one installation job doesn’t make sense, so you can instead rent them from a carpet or hardware store.
  • Take pile direction into account: If your carpet has a pattern, you’ll obviously need to match up the seams so that pattern isn’t thrown off. But even with carpeting that doesn’t have a pattern, you should still be able to tell the direction in which the pile is going. Look at the carpet from all four directions under strong light, and make sure it lines up consistently during the seaming process. Otherwise, something will just look “off” once you’ve finished the installation process.
  • Keep tack strips off the wall: There’s always the temptation to put the carpet tack strips as close to the wall as possible, even right against the baseboard. However, you shouldn’t do this—you need the extra bit of space next to the wall to push the carpet through. The size of the gap you leave should be just a hair less than the thickness of the carpeting. This will ensure the carpet goes down in place nice and snugly.
  • Buy a little extra: This is an especially important tip for patterned carpeting. There will be more waste with patterned than non-patterned carpets, because you’ll be cutting away more material to ensure the two pieces of carpet have their patterns line up together. The larger the pattern on the carpet, the more waste you’ll see. You should buy at least five percent more than you need, on average, when working with patterned carpet.
  • Don’t put padding on the tack strips: Never, ever lay padding on top of tack strips. You should keep the padding inside the perimeter you make while laying those strips down. The padding can touch the edge of those strips, but should never overlap it, otherwise you’ll end up with ugly raised and lumpy spots around the outer edges of your carpet, which looks shoddy and unattractive.

These are just a few tips to help your carpet installation in Monroe County, PA go as smoothly as possible. Of course, if you are uncomfortable for any reason doing the work yourself, you can always reach out to the team of professionals at The Floor Source to get the job done for you.

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