The Top Seven Benefits of Vinyl Flooring in Monroe County, PA

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Believe it or not, vinyl flooring has been a trendy option in homes across the world since the 1930s. It burst onto the scene as a low-cost, water-resistant alternative to flooring materials like linoleum. Vinyl flooring is still popular in bathrooms and kitchens to this day for a variety of reasons. Continue reading to find out why people still choose to install vinyl flooring in Monroe County, PA:

  • Inexpensive: As mentioned above, vinyl is a low-cost option for flooring. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable options on the market. A sheet of vinyl flooring can cost as little as $0.50 per square foot. Good luck finding any other flooring that reasonably priced! Even though it’s inexpensive, you can trust that it’s high quality and will last throughout the lifespan of your home.
  • Low maintenance: Very few flooring options are as easy to care for as vinyl. Carpet needs to be vacuumed, and some hardwood floors need to be polished every few years. That’s not the case with vinyl. All you have to do with vinyl is sweep up dirt and occasionally mop the floor with an approved vinyl cleaner.
  • Water resistant: Vinyl is typically installed in bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and other rooms that tend to get wet. That’s because they’re water resistant! As long as your floors are properly installed, you’ll never have to worry about damage from spills or flooding.
  • Stain resistant: Going along with the point above, vinyl floors are resistant to stains. Did you spill juice, soda or another dark beverage? No big deal! As long as you wipe up the spill quickly, you won’t have to worry about your floors being permanently ruined.
  • Comfort: Unlike some other types of flooring, vinyl doesn’t get cold in the winter and is typically softer than hardwood, ceramic and other types of floors. Consider installing padding underneath your new vinyl flooring to further enhance your floor’s comfort.
  • Durability: Do you want to replace your floors every couple of years? Certainly not! That’s not just expensive, it’s time-consuming and generally just a huge pain in the neck. Assuming it’s installed by a professional, vinyl flooring in Monroe County, PA can last for up to 20 years without needing to be replaced. It’s important to keep in mind that there are different types of vinyl flooring, though, and they’re not all created equal. Cheap vinyl sheets are less likely to last as long as the slightly more expensive vinyl tiles. Be sure to speak with your flooring experts about the right type of vinyl for you.
  • Easy installation: One of the best parts of vinyl floors is that they’re super easy to install. In most cases, we can install vinyl floors in a matter of hours. You can try to install vinyl floors by yourself, but we recommend hiring a professional to ensure the job is done correctly.

If it’s time to install new flooring in your home, be sure to consider vinyl. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results. Give The Floor Source a call to learn more!

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