The Difference Between Luxury Vinyl and Hardwood Flooring in Monroe County, PA

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Up until a few decades ago, you really only had a few choices when it came to choosing flooring for your house. You could opt for classic hardwood, tile or carpet. There’s nothing wrong with any of these choices, but the problem was that there just weren’t that many materials to choose from! Thankfully, that’s changed recently with the advent of luxury vinyl flooring. This new luxury vinyl flooring rivals hardwood flooring in a number of ways, which is why it’s become one of the more popular choices among homeowners. Keep reading to learn about the differences between luxury vinyl and hardwood flooring in Monroe County, PA.

Look and style

  • Hardwood:
    Nobody can deny that hardwood flooring has that elegant and classic style that many people look for in a home. The only problem is that the look can be a bit limited. You can only realistically choose hardwood from a finite number of wood species. Granted, there are technically tons of different types of woods to choose from. However, your favorite wood might cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to install. You may need to have a big budget if you want to get your number one pick for hardwood floors.
  • Luxury vinyl:
    One of the best things about luxury vinyl is that your only limitation is your imagination! The appearance you get from vinyl is practically created by taking a photo of hardwood and printing it between the backing and top layer of the floor. Keep in mind that the process is much more complicated than that, but you get the idea! Do you like some aspects of bamboo flooring and some aspects of teak flooring? No problem! You can have a flooring manufacturer seamlessly blend two images together to create a beautiful vinyl floor.

Durability and stability

  • Hardwood:
    Both durability and stability vary from wood to wood, but in general, hardwood isn’t exactly known for either quality. Hardwood is highly susceptible to moisture and spills, so it’s not a good choice for bathrooms or kitchens, where spills are common. Additionally, constant upkeep is required if you want your floors to stand the test of time. Sometimes, the only thing keeping your hardwood flooring intact is the protective top layer. That’s not a very reassuring feeling!
  • Luxury vinyl:
    If you’re looking for floors that’ll look great and last from the moment you set foot inside your home until the day you move out, look no further than luxury vinyl! Since they’re synthetic, vinyl floors are resistant to moisture and climate. Vinyl is made up of many layers, so it’s able to take a beating without any negative consequences. Vinyl is so durable, in fact, that many manufacturers will give you a 20-year warranty on your floors.

Whether you choose luxury vinyl or hardwood flooring in Monroe County, PA, be sure to shop at The Floor Source. We offer a wide range of flooring options for your whole home. We guarantee you’ll be able to find great new floors that match both your budget and your style!

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