Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Hardwood and Carpet in Monroe County, PA

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When building or remodeling a home, you inevitably have to choose your flooring material. Hardwood and carpet seem to be two of the most popular options across the country, and for good reason. Both materials have a number of benefits and very few downsides. Keep reading to learn all about the major differences between hardwood and carpet in Monroe County, PA. This post may help you choose which flooring to use in your home!

Hardwood benefits

If you’re looking into hardwood flooring, there are several key advantages to keep in mind that might help you make your choice:

  • Prestige:
    There’s probably no more prestigious flooring material than hardwood. Hardwood is seen as more desirable than carpet because of its timeless and luxurious appearance—and because it can be quite a bit more expensive. If you’re looking to stun guests upon entering your home, install hardwood floors!
  • Easy to clean:
    Are spills common in your home? If so, hardwood floors may be right for you! All it takes is a damp rag and a little dish soap to clean up a mess. In addition, dirt and grime don’t get ground into hardwood like they do with carpeting. Your hardwood floors will continue to shine long after carpeting becomes dingy and needs to be replaced.
  • Low-allergy:
    Those suffering from allergies aren’t going to fare too well in a home with a lot of carpeting, especially if there are pets around. Pet dander, pollen and other allergens get stuck in carpeting and can only be removed with the help of heavy-duty carpet cleaners. Hardwood floors, though, don’t hold allergens in, so you can reduce the occurrence of runny noses and watering eyes in your home.

Carpet benefits

This is not to say that carpet does not also have a number of things going for it. Check out the following benefits:

  • Warmth:
    Waking up on a chilly winter morning and standing on hardwood floors isn’t all that much fun. Wood doesn’t hold in any heat at all, which can give you quite a shock upon getting out of bed. Carpet, on the other hand, holds in a lot of heat and acts like a blanket for your toes. In addition, carpet is a much better insulator for your floors, so carpeted rooms are likely to be much warmer in general than rooms with hardwood.
  • Safety:
    If you have children at home or elderly adults in the household who may be prone to falling, you’ll want to make sure they won’t get hurt when they trip and fall. Unlike hardwood, carpet provides a bit of a cushion when people go down. A fall on hardwood can lead to a broken bone, whereas a fall on a carpeted floor might just result in a bruise.
  • Price:
    Sometimes the most important factor in choosing new flooring for your home is the total cost. While the price for carpet depends on the style you choose, carpet is generally much less expensive than its hardwood counterpart. Even though it may need to be replaced sooner than hardwood flooring, carpet costs about $1 per square foot. Compare that to $4 per square foot for hardwood and you can really see the savings!

During your next renovation, keep in mind that you don’t have to choose the same flooring throughout your home! Stop by The Floor Source to learn more about all of your options for hardwood and carpet in Monroe County, PA.

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